Start Smashing the Ball 10-25 Yards Farther, with Robot-Like Consistency, Simply by Swinging this Ingenious Device…

Dear trying-to-get-better golfer:

All golfers have ONE thing in common; we ALL want to play better golf. Let’s be honest, playing better golf just doesn’t happen by accident. You HAVE to improve your golf swing. And that takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.

But I have invented a short cut! A faster, easier way for you to improve your golf swing. By using this brilliant product, you’ll dramatically increase your consistency AND distance on all your full shots! And here’s the best part; you’ll do it in just minutes a week, at the range, in your home or your office!

Here it is, it’s called the Sure-Set!

  • Used By Over 120 Pros On All The Tours
  • FEEL A Perfectly Connected Swing… The Key to Consistency Plus Effortless Power
  • Maximize Your Distance With Every Club
  • Hugely Popular in The UK… Now Available Here…
  • Super-Easy to Use… Makes The Complex Really Simple
  • Lefty… Righty… Seniors… Women… Beginners… Low Handicapers


Maybe You’ve Heard this Before… So Why Can’t You Fix These PROBLEMS

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It’s All About Effortless, Consistent Distance …Train With the Sure-Set & You’ll Quickly Start To Lower Your Scores and Have More Fun …

I am all about helping you play better golf and have more fun. The Sure-Set does them both and helps give you a more powerful, more repeatable golf swing almost automatically! There are 3 Moves That Can Kill Consistency …And Rob You Of Power …

ONE … a “flat” shoulder plane instead of a more “upright” shoulder plane. The incorrect rotation of the shoulders leads to a weak “over the top” move through the impact zone. A few of the world’s top golfers get away with that flat shoulder plane … but it takes hours of practice to overcome this move. You’ll gain more consistency with an “upright” shoulder rotation.

TWO … the arms and the shoulders get separated. There are two problems here. First, it’s really hard to time the ball correctly. Second, you “leak” a lot of power. The problem also leads to the collapse of the arms during the backswing … a problem that creates some of those “look away awful” shots. Every low-handicapper and professional golfer keeps the arms in perfect connection with the big muscles of the legs and torso. Thus it’s VITAL to develop a move that keeps the arms, hands, and muscles working in harmony … it’s what some teachers call “structure in the swing.”

THREE … the downswing does not start correctly. A lot of golfers begin the downswing with a “chopping” move starting with the arms. Or they start their arms first and move them outside creating an “over the top” move. This comes from the two faults above … in most cases. But for most amateurs, starting the downswing with the bigger muscles of the lower body … in the correct sequence … generates more power and more consistency.

This may sound familiar and…

Maybe You’ve Heard This Before … So Why Is It That You Can’t Fix These Problems?

One thing I know about most golfers:  you know and love the game and you’re super-smart. So … you probably know about those faults I just listed above.

But why is it SO hard for you to fix these issues and improve your swing … and your game?
The answer is pretty simple … it’s because, until now, you haven’t been able to FEEL these correct moves.

Most golfers learn best by FEELING the correct moves … not by watching or hearing or reading about them. it’s typically the fastest and most effective way to learn.
This explains why I’m always looking for the world’s top training aids … training aids that help you FEEL the correct swing sequence … that help you FEEL how to stay connected … that help you FEEL the correct shoulder plane in the backswing.

One of the training aids that gives you the proper FEEL? The SURE-SET.

How the SURE-SET Helps You FEEL The Correct Moves in Your Golf Swing

The SURE-SET is a golf training aid created to solve the “typical” golf swing mistakes by helping you feel and repeat the correct movement for your golf swing.

The SURE-SET is completely customizable to perfectly fit you and your swing! It allows you to increase your width and put your swing on plane. And you can train with the SURE-SET virtually anywhere!

Don’t have time to make it to the range to warm-up? No problem! Bring your SURE-SET to the office, the gym, your backyard, or use it in the comfort of your own living room. Just 5 minutes a few times a week… where ever you are, it’s all you need!

The SURE-SET helps you feel and engrain a correct, on-plane and powerful swing AND replicate it swing after swing on the course.
Just use the SURE-SET for a few minutes, only a few days a week and you will feel and develop…

  • Correct forearm rotation.
  • Correct movement of the front shoulder.
  • Powerful coil of the torso against a solid lower half … engaging the most powerful muscles for maximum power.
  • The skill of hinging your wrists correctly in the backswing.
  • The correct kinematic sequence to your swing … helping you feel how to “uncoil” from the ground up for accuracy and maximum power during the downswing.

The SURE-SET is made from top-quality materials and is fitted with a molded training grip. This helps you feel how to set your hands in the correct position at address and through out your entire swing. Using the SURE-SET is a great way to warm-up to help before you play.

It All Starts … In the Backswing …

Let’s get back to consistency.
When you have problems with your backswing, it is SO hard to be consistent.
But when your backswing is technically correct, it’s really very EASY to be consistent.

Yes … there’s a bit of wiggle room there … but you must have a fundamentally sound backswing if you want to consistently deliver the club to the ball correctly and powerfully at impact.

I designed the SURE-SET to help you feel the correct backswing moves. And have them become automatically part of your swing.
It trains you how to ‘set’ the club into the correct loaded position with great swing width … on the right plane … with the right angles.
Even better …

The SURE-SET Helps You With One of Golf’s Great Mysteries

Yes … the SURE-SET helps you with the correct backswing. But … it also helps with the correct sequence in the downswing.
The proper transition and start of the downswing is one of the great mysteries in golf.

But with help from the SURE-SET, you will FEEL how to start the downswing and ‘uncoil’ correctly. Train with the SURE-SET and you will develop a balanced and perfectly sequenced swing … giving you incredible accuracy and maximum power.

Creating a Training Aid … Based on What Actually
Happens in Lessons …

As I mentioned above, I’m a member of the PGA and I’m honored to be recognized as one of  the best golf teachers and coaches in Europe. My students range from top touring professionals to amateurs to beginners.

During lessons, even with accomplished golfers, I noticed the same swing faults. But I found it challenging to help golfers fix these faults … even with the help of video.

The SURE-SET started life through an idea I had to help a recurring swing fault. I wanted golfers to feel true width and match up their arms and turn. The first SURE-SET I made was crafted from wood and bound together using materials from a DIY store. After building a few and seeing amazing results I soon had people asking if they could have one and so I partnered with a company to make them.

One of my goals was to take all that technical “mumbo-jumbo” out of the equation and make it easy for golfers to FEEL the correct movements …by feeling them, golfers engrained them into their swings making them more repeatable, consistent and powerful … and totally simplifying the process.

I designed the SURE-SET to help golfers establish a better understanding of the golf swing. To learn a new movement in the swing you need to establish a new motor pattern. This is a movement that will eventually function automatically. This process only happens through repetition, creating the chemical myelin which enhances the neural pathway/connection until it is more prominent than the previous move. The SURE-SET is the perfect way of increasing your opportunity to practice little and often, ensuring that you can transition to your new swing efficiently with lasting effects.

Again … the ultimate goals are consistency and power …

Develop YOUR Golf Swing …
So You Can Hit Great Shots Over and Over …

Look at the major tours and you’ll see a lot of different golf swings. That’s because we’re all different shapes and sizes. Jim Furyk has his swing. Justin Rose has a very different swing.

The SURE-SET works for many different types and styles of swings. It is versatile, you can set it to build an early or late set of your wrists. The SURE-SET works with the individual flexion of a player’s wrists to establish a constant radius, the common denominator to all great swings.

The SURE-SET Helps With Something Else That’s Super-Important …

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time behind a desk. And you probably spend a lot of time in a car, plane, or commuting.

The SURE-SET improves your range of movement and flexibility … both are vital for power and consistency. And just using the SURE-SET for a few minutes a few times a week will improve your range of motion.

With help from the SURE-SET, you will gain that all-important constant radius in your golf swing … achieved by matching up the journey of the arms, club, and torso rotation.

Once you have the backswing organized, the club is ‘set’ in the correct position … a position that leads to an ‘automatic’ uncoiling of the body … directly from the floor … pelvis … to trunk … to lead arm.

And BAM … you’re getting to that perfect impact position over and over. You’ll see the difference in the sound of impact and how your golf ball flies, consistently longer and dead at your target.

Your swing will also LOOK better. Your buddies will ask what you did to improve your swing. Without a lot of time or a lot of effort, the SURE-SET will absolutely change and improve your swing and do…it…FAST!

Get the First 12 Inches Correct … and Get Those Big Muscles Involved in The Golf Swing …

The first 12 inches of the golf swing are “make-or-break” vital. Get things correct here and you’re on your way to a powerful, accurate swing. But make even a slight mistake … and bad shots can happen so easily.

Here’s one thing I especially love about the SURE-SET … it trains your golf muscles to get the critical first 12 inches totally correct.

This means you can get the strongest, most reliable muscles involved in your golf swing. Get these muscles directing your swing and you’ll gain power and consistency.

The Connection Between the Arms and The Big, Power-Muscles of the Torso and Core … And What It Means for You …

To make consistently great contact with the ball, your arms and torso must be connected.

Here’s what happens when the arms, shoulders, and core are NOT connected.

  • When the arms move ahead of the torso, you can slice, pull, and hit the ball fat or thin.
  • When the arms are behind the torso, you can push the ball and hit nasty duck hooks.

So … when the arms, hands, and core are working together, in sync, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN in your golf swing and your game.

You will start to …

  • Make crisp contact with your irons.
  • Hit a slight – and powerful – draw … instead of weak fades.
  • Maximize your distance with irons, hybrids, and wedges …
  • Control your distances with your wedges … leaving you with shorter putts.

Get your swing connected and you’ll start enjoying a totally different type of golf.

The Real – and Surprising – Source of Power in Your Swing

Effortless power in the golf swing doesn’t come just from the arms. If that were the case, we could just swing with the arms and that would be that. Real power in the golf swing comes from the core muscles in the upper legs, hips, lower back, and abdomen.

But you can’t hold a golf club with your core …
So …

To maximize your power, you have to get those super-strong core muscles connected to your arms. In other words, everything has to be synchronized.

“Synchronization” is one reason a slim teenage girl golfer can smash the ball 40 yards past a big muscular guy. The girl golfer is in sync … the big guy is not.

The power in your car comes from the engine. But you only go fast because the engine is connected to the wheels.

When you train with the SURE-SET, you will develop connection between your arms are and the power muscles of the torso and core. Result? You will max out your distance, effortlessly!

Using the SURE-SET is super-easy…

How to Use the SURE-SET
Step 1 – Add the SURE-SET to your golfing arsenal.
Step 2 – After your purchase, we’ll email you free video instruction with an easy-to-set-up tutorial and simple drills from me and Martin Hall to get you started.
Step 3 – Adjust the SURE-SET to the length of your arms.
Step 4 – Adjust the angle in the SURE-SET.
Step 5 – Practice by placing the “ball” in the spot where your lead shoulder meets your chest while you start and finish the backswing.
Step 6 – Make some longer swings and start to focus on the very beginning of the downswing.
Step 7 – Start to enjoy stronger, longer, more consistently struck shots with every club.
The SURE-SET will help with your irons, driver, hybrids, fairway woods, wedges … every club in your arsenal.

And, what’s really cool, you can use the SURE-SET pretty much anywhere … range … golf course … basement … garage … living room …

You will quickly develop a connected, golf swing with effortless power.

The SURE-SET will Help You Say “Goodbye” to These Swing Faults

Use the SURE-SET just 5-10 minutes… a few times a week and you can fix these common problems.

  • Topping
  • Hosel-rockets
  • Hooks
  • Pushes
  • Pulls
  • Fat shots
  • Thin Shots
  • Weak shots
  • Poor pitches and chips


Here’s Something Else You’ll Love About the SURE-SET …

Frequent practice is vital for consistency. But for most of us, it’s not always easy to make or find time to practice.

Fortunately, the SURE-SET folds up into a super-small package. You can take the SURE-SET to the range and use it for practice or warm-up before you play. Even better, you can also use the SURE-SET pretty much anywhere you can make a swing.

So you can still improve your swing if the weather keeps you inside… or you just don’t have the time to make it to the range.

So let me give you …

40 Reasons You Will LOVE the SURE-SET … And Need to Add It to Your Golfing Arsenal …

  1. Gain consistency … fix the swing problems that are keeping you from improving …
  2. Making the complex simple … no technical mumbo-jumbo. Just start using the SURE-SET and FEEL and REPEAT the correct moves.
  3. More distance off the tee … how’s 10-25 yards … at least.
  4. More distance with every club … shortening the golf course and making it easier to hit greens in regulation.
  5. Used by professional golfers … teachers and touring professionals.
  6. Created by a top PGA teaching professional … now finally available to everyone.
  7. Discover how to FEEL the correct movement in your golf swing … with the SURE-SET it makes it way easier way to learn than watching video or taking a lesson.
  8. Super-simple to use … takes 35 seconds to adjust and then you’re using the SURE-SET.
  9. Maximum power … because you’re engaging your big muscles in perfect SYNC.
  10. Improve pretty much anywhere you can swing a club … and use with your golf teacher for fast feedback and improvement.
  11. FINALLY a solution for the three “swing killers” … including the flat shoulder plane that leads to casting the “over the top” move … separation of the arms and shoulders … and bad moves in starting the downswing.
  12. FINALLY discover how to make the correct movement in your swing … including the powerful coil of the torso against a solid lower half … hinging your wrists correctly in the backswing … plus the correct kinematic sequence to your swing … for accuracy and maximum power.
  13. Durable for years of use … the SURE-SET is made from top-quality materials.
  14. Take a perfect grip throughout your swing … thanks to the molded training grip.
  15. Perfect for every golfer … seniors … lefties … righties … accomplished golfers … beginners … and everyone in between.
  16. Great for effective warm up sessions … when you don’t have time to make it to the range before you play.
  17. Expands your range of motion … especially important when you want to maintain and increase distance.
  18. Feel and repeat perfect backswing … extremely important for consistency.
  19. Proven to work with a wide variety of golfers.
  20. Get the first 12 inches of the swing correct … vital for making a powerful and repeatable swing … and avoiding mistakes.
  21. Get the results you know you can achieve …crisp contact with your irons … a slight – and powerful – draw … instead of weak fades … maximize your distance with irons, hybrids, and wedges.
  22. Wave “good bye” to common swing faults like slicing, topping, hooks, pushes, and pulls.
  23. Enjoy piercing and penetrating tour-quality iron shots.
  24. Dramatically improve your accuracy with every club in your bag.
  25. Start generating impressive clubhead speed for maximum distance … because power is coming from your big muscles.
  26. Automatically make the correct moves with your lower body – without thinking about your lower body.
  27. Get your hands ahead of the ball at impact … a crucial move for pure ball striking.
  28. Shoot lower scores with a bulletproof swing and solid short game – because your arms and “engine” are working in beautiful harmony.
  29. Enjoy consistent “sweet spot” contact … the key to reducing your handicap.
  30. It fits in your golf bag … and weighs next to nothing.
  31. Video instruction from Martin Hall and Dan Frost FREE with the SURE-SET.
  32. No need to “muscle” the ball which gives you serious consistency.
  33. Endorsed and used by many of the world’s top touring professionals.
  34. Finally discover and feel how to square the clubface at impact.
  35. Understand perfect path, shallow angle of attack, and solid swing mechanics.
  36. Say goodbye to “casting” and those weak “over-the-top” moves that lead to weak shots and slicing.
  37. Join the ranks of the “elite” ball strikers who make hitting the ball look automatic.
  38. Play superbly in any conditions … and on any course because you’re making a consistent, repeatable swing every time.
  39. Much stronger ball flight … for more aggressive shots into greens … and more distance.
  40. The ultra-low price …

Before revealing the special price I want you to meet… Golfers Who LOVE the SURE-SET

No hesitation giving highest recommendation for Sure-Set. The best aid for beginners to learn a proper shoulder coil. Also very good for seasoned golfers. One training aid that actually does what it claims.
- R. Paull

I first encountered the Sure-Set whilst on the range at the BMW PGA Championship. At a glance I thought it was just another ‘quick fix’ arm and hand positioning training aid. Dan Frost asked me to try it and I was instantly surprised and impressed at what I felt. The overall sense of being more torqued against the ground and being loaded led to the desire to investigate the Sure-Set properly at my academy. With all of the players we tested, there were significant improvements in their kinematic sequences. This was mainly due to Sure-Set’s key strength, which is increased ground force through a tighter COG. All players improved their efficiency through using the Sure-Set.
- Jason Floyd

The beauty of the Sure-Set is that you can use it as an alternative to stretching. It’s a fantastic warm-up device before you tee off, it improves your range of movement and leaves you swinging the club like you’re in your twenties again. I love it!
- Malcolm MacKenzie

Working with Sure-Set has totally transformed my practice routine. It has made swing changes simple. I love the fact that I can take the Sure-Set training aid with me anywhere I travel and can use it in my hotel room. It’s so simple and after just a few sessions the new swing move will become second nature. Sure-Set has totally transformed my game and I now simply use it to reinforce the good backswing feeling before hitting balls.
- Ben Taylor

And … the SURE-SET is protected by a 100% Playability Guarantee

Sure-Set provides one of the strongest guarantees on the planet. You get 30 days to decide if the SURE-SET is for you. In fact, the SURE-SET must help you FEEL the correct motion through the ball or you get a full refund.

If you’re not happy for any reason, or no reason, simply email us at and you’ll receive directions for a prompt and courteous refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

That’s right…if SURE-SET does not help you gain the correct feel for powerful shots with every club, you get your money back. 

Powerful Ball Flight and Consistency or Weak Contact … The Choice is Yours …

Right now, you have a simple decision to make. You can struggle with all the usual problems golfers face, including weak, inconsistent contact …

OR …

You can try the SURE-SET risk-free and finally FEEL what a solid golf swing feels like repeat it on the golf course!

The SURE-SET can totally transform a golf swing … quickly and easily.
Try it right now by clicking below.
To Great Golf All the Time…

Dan Frost
European PGA Tour Instructor
Sure-Set Inventor

P.S. Here’s what you can expect soon after you start to use the SURE-SET…

  • 10-25 extra yards with your driver.
  • Penetrating irons that put you in a position to score.
  • You will save 5-10 shots around the greens.
  • You can fix those nagging problems.
  • Make “sweet spot” contact every time you practice and play.

Benefit from using the SURE-SET for the special introductory price. It’s a “no-brainer” bargain. And if you’re not completely satisfied, you get a full and complete refund of the purchase price.

P.P.S. You’ll definitely see pros around the world working HARD on the all-important move the SURE-SET helps you EASILY achieve. So get your SURE-SET now.

Original price was: $115.00.Current price is: $99.00.

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